Sunday, May 24, 2009


Ok, so despite the fact that the guys schooled the girls, this was a pretty awesome event! (And this is coming from the ever dedicated YSA blogger who has yet to come to an activity--don't worry, that will all change).

This was the first ever, Offical YSA Cook Off. It is rumored that the judges had a difficult choice, and were torn between the brilliance of the boys and the gloriousness of the girls. When push came to shove, the guys pulled ahead for the win. Everyone did an excellent job. It looks like these young people are self-sufficient--or at least know their way around a kitchen and stove.

Taste: Boys - 210 Girls - 140
Creativity: Boys - 50 Girls - 40
Presentation: Boys - 23 Girls - 30
TOTAL: Boys - 283 Girls - 210

Next year's cook off will be even grander, so get those taste buds ready for the trip of their lives...or at least an interesting adventure. :)

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